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Let iNTegral Consulting alleviate the stress and hassle from your bookkeeping and BAS obligations.
  • Experienced CPA accountant to accurately process your bookkeeping and prepare your BAS
  • Certified MYOB Consultant (15 years experience) to assist with product support, setup, implementation, training, troubleshooting and sales
  • Registered Tax Agent which entitles you to an extra 28 days to lodge your BAS each quarter (except for the deadline after Christmas)
  • Provide personal attention and qualified expert advice on all levels to give you peace of mind
  • Establish a continuous and reliable work cycle with your business

iNTegral Consulting delivers a cost efficient service at bookkeeper rates

To deliver a more cost efficient service to your business

  • We utilise today’s technology to essentially eliminate the need for most manual data entry by importing bank statement data securely from your bank directly into your accounting software.
  • Have extensive MYOB experience which has facilitated fast and accurate manual data entry where required. No need for an end of year fix up by the accountant.
  •  Instantly understand and review your business during data processing and be able to offer qualified expert advice where and when required.

Should you choose to engage our bookkeeping services only, our qualified staff will efficiently work with your accountant to minimise costs to you.

Choose from either of the following services or contact us for a system which best suits you and your business

On-site bookkeeping & BAS preparation with lodgement

Clients select the frequency of either weekly, fortnightly or monthly for our staff to visit their office or workshop to process data on-site. As a MYOB Certified Consultant we can also provide onsite support for MYOB products including sales, setup, implementation, training, advanced reporting, trouble shooting and bookkeeping. We can also assist business owners and staff with tips and shortcuts to increase data efficiency or enter the data ourselves.

Off-site bookkeeping & BAS lodgement (the "shoe box" method)

At the end of the quarter our staff will collect the client's "shoe box" filled with receipts and bank statements. This data is accurately and efficiently processed, the BAS prepared, produce any reports required (eg Profit and Loss) and even complete the filing. The BAS is lodged electronically and the empty "shoe box" is returned ready to be filled for the next quarter.

BAS lodgement with data review

A common and cost-saving system whereby clients process their own data, complete their bank account reconciliations (not essential though as we can complete this task), and then send their MYOB file to our office at the end of the quarter. The data is reviewed prior to completing and electronically lodging the BAS.

BAS Lodgement

Business Activity Statements (BAS) are lodged electronically with the Australian Taxation Office ensuring lodgement takes place immediately, eliminating the chance of it being lost in the post or left sitting in an outbox. The BAS is processed in our system, forwarded to the client for signature and then lodged electronically. As a Registered Tax Agent, we have an extra 28 days to lodge the BAS (except for the deadline after Christmas).


Contact us now on 0407 527 447 to book your free consultation to see how we can save you time, money and stress.  Once we have identified your solution we can provide you an estimation of costs for ongoing services to your business.