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Tax Returns


Have your tax return completed accurately by an experienced CPA Accountant and Tax Agent.

We guarantee we will achieve the maximum legal ATO refund for basic tax returns by

  • Providing you with a free tax refund quote with no obligation.
    Available to individuals who receive their income from wages, bank interest and dividends only. (see details)
  • 100% money-back guarantee of our fee if your tax refund is less than our quote (conditions apply)

Competitive fees & convenient payment options

We have a competitive fixed price for individuals' basic tax returns. Please contact us for a quotation.

To simplify the payment process you can choose to have our fee deducted from your tax refund and the remaining balance deposited to your chosen bank account. This service is free of charge.

Individual tax returns are processed quickly and lodged electronically so refunds are usually back within 14 days

Our CPA Accountant can complete your tax return by either:

  • Fax or post
    Download, print and complete our Tax Return Checklist and return it with the required certificates and statements listed on the form by either fax, mail or drop it into our office.
  • Telephone Interview
    Phone or contact us to arrange a time for your tax return interview over the phone. Use our Tax Return Checklist so you know what information you will need when we ring.
  • Interview in person
    Attend an interview at our office in the northern suburbs. Phone or contact us to arrange an appointment. Use our Tax Return Checklist so you know what information you will need to bring.

Are you missing any certificates or statements?

We can access the Australian Tax Office's Tax Agent Portal to retrieve the following information

  • Group certificates
  • Bank interest
  • Dividends
  • Trust distributions
  • Private health insurance details


Details & Conditions

Free Tax Refund Quote
Once your tax return has been prepared, you are given a quote of your expected tax refund amount. If you are not confident this is the maximum return you are entitled to, we cancel the tax return in our system, delete your information, and do not charge you our fee. If you are satisfied with the quoted amount, the tax return is finalised and lodged electronically and our fee is either deducted from your refund or paid on lodgement.

Conditions for money-back guarantee
Exceptions where money-back guarantee of fees does not apply when the ATO tax return was less than quoted:

  • Outstanding debt with ATO prior to your tax return being lodged as your refund will be reduced by the owing debt.
  • Lodging your tax return initiated a debt with ATO eg Child Support, Government pensions or allowances
  • ATO adjusted your refund as you failed to provide us with relative information or you provided incorrect information (eg bank interest, dividend income, wages)
  • You elected for us to deduct our fees from your refund (your refund will be reduced by our fees as per our invoice)